The Veterans Access Centre (VAC) is a free service run by the VMCSCC to support Veterans from all conflicts and operations who need somewhere to turn to for help.

The rates of Veteran Suicide are quite simply unacceptable to us so we are committed to providing a small but effective service, one that we aspire to grow to provide the very best support available. Many of us fight our own demons and understand the struggle….we know the struggle is real.  The good news is that we want to help you – there is no reason to fight alone.  We can help you!

The VAC is an area in which all Veterans, retired and serving (male or female), can gain assistance to access advocacy services and advice in order to process claims with DVA. We can also arrange for general health and well-being advice or just be a friendly face for a chat over a coffee.  VMCSCC has an extensive network of local contacts that we can access to connect a Veteran in need with professional help.

The VAC is a work in progress for us, starting small but with exciting goals for expansion. Ultimately we aim to offer self-help and instructor lead courses to be held to assist veterans who are dealing with various conditions including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Depression, anxiety issues, anger management and sleep disorders.  With the establishment of a VAC, we aim to improve access to qualified advice and services by:

a.  being able to allocate cases to the most appropriate Pension or Welfare Officers

b.  being able to conduct forums for Pensions and Welfare Officers in the local area

c.  provide an easily identifiable point of contact for all clients

d.  able to actively recruit and train new Pension and Welfare Officers to assist those members in past and current conflicts

e.  utilise new technology from DVA to speed up the submission of claims process.

The VAC will also provide an area of enhancement for the local Veteran community by providing a strong focus towards engagement of complex case management of contemporary Veterans. This will be achieved through a full time contact person who will deliver a social and recreational agenda which will strive to include peer to peer networking of Veterans and their Families, coffee mornings and physical recreation all to assist in recovery from various conditions.

As veterans, serving members and supporters, we have a broad range of members who are only too happy to talk to you, provide a shoulder to lean on or simply just ‘be there’.  Sometimes just having a non-judgemental person outside your daily life to chat to makes all the difference.

If you (or a Veteran you know) are having a hard time, or wish to be involved with the VAC, please contact our Welfare Officer Steve (Pigdog) on 0418 635 856.

You can also reach us via the admin email address ( or our Facebook page.



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