ANZAC Day 2017

What does ANZAC Day mean to you?  A Dawn Service and a march? A Gun Fire breakfast and Two Up? A BBQ and beers with your mates, or just self time and quiet reflection? Anzac Day means different things for all of us, but the underlying meaning is the same. A day for all Australians to remember those who have paid the ultimate price in service to our great country. The original ANZACs died on 25 April 1915, but many have died in conflict or on peacekeeping operations since that day.  VMCSCC  remembers all Australians who have sacrificed one way or another for our nation – many who did not come home.  We also pay our respects to every one of our service women and men currently serving on operations around the world while we commemorate the ANZACs on this most special of days.

If you are attending a Dawn Service or Anzac Day March, take a moment to say G’day to a serving member and thank them for their service. Have a beer with Veteran and just chat – often the smallest of recognition from the public can be a huge deal to a Veteran and let them know their sacrifice has been appreciated. An operational deployment can be traumatic and emotional, not just for the Veteran, but even the family at home – especially children. They all make a sacrifice, they all suffer in one way or another – let them know you care. Enjoy your day and stay safe!

All gave some – some gave all.

Never Forgotten.